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Gary Yeoman, Sales Director Gary Yeoman, Sales Director

RiSE caught up with with Gary Yeoman, sales director with Balmoral Offshore Engineering, to discuss Brazil’s evolving SURF sector. Here’s what he had to say:


Editor: The SURF sector presents the largest market potential for subsea products in Brazil. What is your assessment of the demand in the years ahead?

GY: It is very exciting times for the Brazilian offshore market, both in terms of E&P and SURF operations. I think everyone associated with the industry is pleased to see international operating companies move into the province and I am equally sure that this will benefit the industry and the country overall.

Although the Brazilian sector has slowed down for Balmoral, and many others, we recognise the potential ahead. With many years’ experience of trading in Brazil, and a deep understanding of the pre-salt market in particular, we intend to retain our industry-leading position through a continued programme of R&D, innovation and value engineering to ensure we play our part in the development of the Brazilian offshore sector.

Ed: What products and services are offered by Balmoral for the SURF segment?

GY: We are proud to have an extensive track record of supplying products to the Brazilian sector. From flowline buoyancy to elastomer products - such as bend limiting devices and cable protection - to insulation systems and riser tower buoyancy we have been involved on numerous high profile projects including Sapinoha, Lula, Libra, Iracema and Buzios.

Ed: What is Balmoral doing to satisfy the demand for its SURF products in Brazil?

GY: As a privately owned company we return a significant share of our profits back into the business via a sustained research and development programme.

A dedicated innovation group is tasked with product, process and materials development and is supported by an exceptionally experienced engineering team. This, combined with unrivalled manufacturing capacity and testing capabilities, underpins our commitment to provide fully accredited cost effective SURF solutions.

Ed: What are the key technical differentiators that set Balmoral apart in this competitive market?

GY: We place enormous importance on the integrity and performance efficiencies of our products as they occupy such a critical role in the SURF sector. Through our continuous improvement programme our distributed buoyancy modules, for example, are now of a much larger scale which results in greater uplift and a reduction in the actual number of modules required.

To help our clients reduce flowline installation times we developed a unique set of tools and processes that allows a pair of modules to be attached to a flowline in under six minutes. Additionally, our production and testing processes are highly efficient allowing modules to be produced and tested cost-effectively thereby reducing project CAPEX requirements and lead times.

What is Balmoral's main commercial advantage when it comes to Brazil’s SURF sector?

GY: Our undoubted strength lies in our vertical integration capabilities. We are in control of the complete manufacturing process used to formulate our products; from mould tooling, rotationally moulding the buoyancy shells to production of macrospheres and clamps, right through to HSEQ and subsea testing, everything is done in-house to exacting standards putting us in total control of quality, cost and schedule.

We also take great pride in being very client focused and listening to what our customers want. We have strong relationships which have been built up over many years and believe that is because we deliver what we say we will deliver, when and where it is required, with no surprises.

The integrity of our approach and of our product is paramount in all that we do.

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