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High performance culture delivers award-winning service

As the business world changes around us one thing that hasn’t altered is Balmoral’s commitment to personnel development with the ultimate focus on client satisfaction.

From the establishment of the company’s in-house Skills Academy in 2012, when serious industry skill shortages were recognised, to the introduction and development of the Balmoral Leadership Academy, the company acknowledges that it must invest in its people to maintain its market-leading position.

When chairman and managing director, Jim Milne, says, “Our company is not the chairman or the board of directors, it is its people”, it sends an unequivocal message that Balmoral continually strives for improvement and is developing tomorrow’s leaders to drive the company forward with innovation and agility.

The Balmoral Leadership Academy is a pragmatic and workable programme. It focuses on real opportunities and challenges within the business to equip current and future leaders with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to succeed in competitive and dynamic markets.

High performance culture delivers award-winning service

Succession development

“The aim”, explains engineering and projects director, Fraser Milne, “is to invest effort and prepare leaders at all levels to manage change and the market challenges we face”, while Allan Robertson, operations director, says: “We need leaders who demonstrate confidence and commitment to unleash the same force in those they lead.

“Even talented employees need development programmes and our Leadership Programme opens their eyes to endless possibilities for self-improvement that will ultimately benefit our clients and the company in general.”

The bespoke programme is delivered monthly to ensure the learning is applied directly to the business. Training modules, developed by Buffin Leadership International, include Leadership Success Habits, Performance Coaching, Financial Improvement, Handling Change and High Performance Teamwork.

The modules are tailored to produce the right solutions so that managers, directors, and high potential employees put learning into action to move the company in the right direction fast.

“The programmes have made me think and act like a leader and not just a boss. I utilise the tools I have learned every day and am a massive advocate for the learning”, says David Reay, financial controller.

Customer-centric learning

With the goal being to deliver ‘First Choice Best Product Solutions’ for customers, delegates work in teams to:

  • Understand their own identity and strengths as a leader to plan and focus on success
  • Release energy, drive others to improve standards and facilitate change across the business
  • Learn the dynamics of financial improvement and application and how to deal with complexities
  • Lead, build and empower high performance teamwork across the organisation
  • Communicate clear direction, vision, purpose and live Balmoral’s core values
  • Steward and coach to shape the culture for delivering outstanding client results

Gary Yeoman, sales director, says: “To deliver this, we must put customer-centricity at the heart of everything we do.”

Such focus on customer satisfaction is woven into every Academy Programme through a programme of innovation challenge team game applications.

Good people become great people

During the last three years more than 60 leaders have passed their Academy assessments on four levels: Level 1 for supervisors and team leaders; Level 2 for experienced leaders and managers; Level 3 for senior managers and Level 4 for results coaches.

“The Academy has provided invaluable tools as a framework for prioritising time and facilitating successful outcomes. It has helped me with general planning, knowledge application, continuous improvement and an understanding of my contribution to the business”, says Gregg Stewart, technical manager.

Craig Sharp, engineering manager, said: “Being involved with the Leadership Academy since its inception, initially as a Level 3 delegate and then as a coach every year since, I am proud to see the impact the learning has had on its participants and the company.

“It has turned good people into great people and these great people have become a catalyst for change. They have raised the bar in terms of culture, quality and leadership in all areas of the business.”

National recognition

Buffin Leadership International works closely with Balmoral senior managers as accredited providers of the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) work based development programmes.

All delegates to date have been awarded certificates, some with distinctions; a shield is awarded annually for the best team performance and a cup for best individual endeavour.

The Balmoral Leadership Academy has been recognised nationally for its results and lead coach, David Buffin, says: “This is a direct reflection on the commitment and support given by the directors at Balmoral who recognise the importance of developing leaders with high commercial capability.

“A team of results coaches is being developed to support the Academy and drive internal assignments. The aim is to grow a performance development culture so everyone in the business is focused on results that are smarter, better and faster – all designed to improve and enhance the customer experience.”

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