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Leading and lagging in HSE

Balmoral uses the globally accepted “Leading, lagging indicator tree” to inform and update stakeholders on its safety performance.

Lagging indicators are safety metrics used to indicate progress towards compliance with current rules while leading indicators focus on future safety performance and continuous improvement.

The leading indicators – reporting on Near Misses, Advanced Safety Audit’s (ASA’s) and the company’s See it, Fix It, Report It (SIFIRI) scheme – are proactive in nature and indicate what employees do on a regular basis to prevent injuries.

Operations director, Allan Robertson, says: “By measuring the positives – what people do rather than fail to do – Balmoral’s culture has moved to an emphasis on prevention rather than cure. Although we see improvements in these year-on-year statistics we will continue our focus on continuous improvement across all HSE operations.”

Lagging and Leading in HSE

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