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Custom coating insulation

H.3 ISO steelwork, coated with Elastotherm, prior to simulated service test H.3 ISO steelwork, coated with Elastotherm, prior to simulated service test

It’s been a highly productive time at Balmoral Subsea Insulation since the company announced its return to the site applied custom coatings arena during Offshore Europe in September 2017.

Highlights include:

  • The technical team working hard to meet ISO 12736 testing requirements
  • Engineering and production teams reviewing all options to develop the most efficient application of the Elastotherm family of PU and silicone materials
  • Site team trial-coating structures and fine-tuning procedures ahead of mobilisation
  • Newly elected BSI committee members, Tam Ferry, insulation product manager, and Gregg Stewart, technical manager, contributing to the development of the International Standard for Wet Insulation through the British Standards Institute (BSI) and IOGP

While achieving all of this in such a short period of time is highly impressive, the company’s real time hand-held scanning apparatus took things to a whole new level.

As awareness of the minimum thickness of insulation material is critical for overall heat transfer coefficient or design cool down time (CDT), real time scanning of structures provides advance notice of final dimension details ahead of Balmoral’s coating team arriving on site.

Partially insulated test structure
Partially insulated test structure

Real time scan of uncoated areas
Real time scan of uncoated areas

The simulated service test (SST) on Elastotherm is currently taking place under the SWIS JIP programme. The three-month SST will conclude in July with interim cool down results available sooner.

If you would like to discuss your site-based insulation requirements, request product information or qualification dossiers, please contact the Balmoral Subsea Insulation team in Aberdeen.

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