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Insulation shrouds - we’ve got you covered

Insulation covers have played a key role in flow assurance for many years. Subsea pipelines, flowlines, risers and associated equipment carry high temperature hydrocarbons which require insulation to prevent cooling and solidifying during the flow process and shutdowns.

Balmoral has supplied many innovative solutions to challenging requirements to meet either a project’s required overall heat transfer coefficient or design cool down time (CDT).

With the industry drive towards product efficiencies through value engineering, Balmoral’s product, R&D and engineering teams developed a range of insulation product enhancements including:

  • Qualification of a family of PU and silicone materials to cover temperature and environmental variances
  • Robust manufacturing processes facilitating critical dimensional control, essential to meet low leak rates
  • Custom moulding seal interfaces and glass reinforced silicone seals giving high temperature resistance and low creep ensuring long term sealing properties
  • Modular mould technology, providing cost effective tooling solutions across similar length and diameter criteria
  • Redesigned flood/venting plugs
  • Tailored ‘weight in water’ insulation covers for both site and diver installation on the Shah Deniz field
  • Finite element analysis and design validation, with simulated service test validation

Tam Ferry, Balmoral Subsea Insulation product manager, said: “Insulation challenges come in all shapes and sizes and are no longer satisfied by a pair of covers over a flange.

“We offer traditional yard or vessel installation as well as diver or ROV installable solutions, giving a safe, fast and easy install.

“Our holistic approach to insulation means Balmoral has the experience, tools and innovative mindset to offer solutions to insulation project challenges.

“So, for all your subsea insulation requirements, Balmoral has it covered.”

Cool down analysis results
Cool down analysis results

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