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Adaptable cable protection system introduced

Balmoral’s standard cable protection system, Duraguard, provides a highly cost effective localised impact and abrasion protection service.

With recent development work taking place across this product range Balmoral has devised new, leaner, manufacturing techniques which allows ‘Standard’ Duraguard to be produced in a more streamlined fashion making the product even better value for money.

Standard DuraGuard

  • Highly cost effective
  • Short lead times
  • High performance, low through-life costs
  • Proven track records

Where more specialised requirements are called for Balmoral provides ‘Engineered’ Duraguard which comes with project-specific documentation, process reporting and testing.

Balmoral’s full range of impact and cable protection systems includes:

  • Standard Duraguard™
  • Engineered Duraguard™
  • DuraguardPlus™ Hinged modules with integrated banding system
  • Duraballast™ Filler materials are added for extra stability
  • Duramat™ 3x3m mats that are ROV and diver installable
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