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I welcome you warmly to issue 4 of RiSE, Balmoral Offshore Engineering’s newsletter. Time waits for no man or woman and here we find ourselves almost half way through 2018. Time, however, does not pass slowly at Balmoral.

Our dedicated R&D, technical and engineering teams are always exploring new ways of doing things, looking at our industry differently and developing the buoyancy, elastomer and insulation products of the future.

Who would have thought that turtle shells would inform and inspire the latest low drag vibration suppression system developed by Balmoral – this really is quite something and you can read all about it here.

In these times of creating value-added products I believe that our team has generated something very special with the industry’s first truly boltless bend restrictor. This product is set to make quite an impact on installation times, saving some 80% against standard restrictors. Just think what that means in terms of vessel hire times.


Who would have thought that turtle shells would inform and inspire the latest low drag vibration suppression system developed by Balmoral

It gave me great personal pleasure to see the Balmoral Subsea Test Centre fully open its doors in early 2018. With investment in the centre reaching some £20m it really is a sight to behold and the potential for it is massive. If this facility is of interest do let us know, you’d be very welcome to come in and have a look around – more information on the industry-leading centre can be found here.

As we go to press I am delighted to report the acquisition of Bergen-based Seaproof Solutions, a specialist elastomer product provider to the renewables sector, read more about this development here.

Balmoral’s in-house charity, Friends of ANCHOR, came through its 20th anniversary year with flying colours in 2017 and a fully refreshed team is now taking on the challenges of the future. This is certainly one area that cannot be allowed to falter as the demand for support at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and the two universities in Aberdeen continues to increase. If you have supported Friends of ANCHOR in the past I thank you very much, you have been part of the charity’s success and that means that more and more people are benefting from your generosity.

If you haven’t joined in any of the charity’s efforts to date I urge you to consider Friends of ANCHOR for any future CSR or personal plans you may have. Every penny raised by the charity is used by the charity as Balmoral carries all administration costs, including the fundraisers’ salaries, so your help would be hugely appreciated.

I hope you enjoy reading RiSE and that it inspires you to keep in touch – don’t hesitate to let me know if and how we can improve our service to you.

Jim Milne CBE Chairman and Managing Director, Balmoral Group

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