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New Balmoral boltless restrictor to slash installation costs

Thursday, 08 March 2018 12:49

Balmoral Offshore Engineering has launched a new product for the SURF sector which it claims will reduce current installation times by up to 80%.

The company has extended its range of polyurethane bend restrictors to include a boltless version (patent pending) in response to industry demands for project cost savings and as part of a wider product improvement drive.

Designed as interlocking elements, restrictors prevent over-bending at the interface between flowlines, umbilicals, cables and rigid structures such as wellhead connections, J-tube exits, rigid pipe crossovers and PLET connections by mechanically locking up.

Although there are products on the market that claim to be boltless, none of them actually are. Balmoral’s intent, therefore, was to create a solution that provides a practical boltless solution that fully addresses the shortcomings of existing products.

The new boltless restrictor is capable of:

  • rapid assembly to minimise installation times
  • performing on flying leads, umbilicals, risers and flowlines
  • enduring long-term loading conditions
  • enduring hot, wet conditions
  • managing large bending loads

The company’s engineering and projects director, Fraser Milne, who will be on the company’s booth at SSTB 13-15th March, said: “It’s vital that new products address the issues raised by those using them. In the case of our boltless restrictor, industry-leading performance is retained while offering significantly reduced installation time and costs.

“In other words we have achieved bolted restrictor performance with boltless simplicity. Value can often be added by taking something away.

“The interlocking feature of angled male and female fins takes full advantage of the polyurethane material properties. This connection secures the two bend restrictor halves whilst minimising the effect of stress raisers. This, in turn, optimises the load capacity of the design.”

He concludes: “Our R&D team is tasked with the development of products in support of client requirements as they operate within increasingly extreme environments and expectations. We have made significant improvements across our subsea portfolio in terms of manufacturing processes and product robustness which lead to cost efficiencies.”

To ensure the new restrictor’s suitability for global deployment, Balmoral adheres to independently approved design methodologies that are fully compliant to API 17L 1&2, while materials selected for the production process are also certified to API 17L 1&2.

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