Surface/subsurface buoyancy

Balmoral surface subsurface buoyancy

Providing a range of surface/subsurface buoyancy products including anchor pendant buoys, one-piece buoys and 'off-the-shelf' umbilical and cable flotation, with a wide variety of fittings and accessories, Balmoral Offshore Engineering offers a comprehensive range of solutions for your installation project.

  • Anchor pendant buoys (APB)
  • Mooring buoys
  • One-piece subsurface buoyancy
  • Tri-buoys
  • Oceanus floats
  • Umbilical floats

Anchor pendant buoys (APB)

Anchor pendant buoys are typically constructed from a rigid polyurethane foam core, cast around a central steel tension member that is reinforced with a glass reinforced polyester skin. The buoys are clad in a resilient polyethylene layer which is externally coated with a tough abrasion resistant polyurethane elastomer skin.

These units are suitable for deployment over the stern roller of anchor handling vessels.

Note: All weight in air and buoyancy values are nominal and subject to specific configuration.

Balmoral Anchor Pendant Buoy in deployment
Weight in air Nominal buoyancy
310 Kg 1000 Kg
560 Kg 2000 Kg
1160 Kg 4000 Kg
1330 Kg 6000 Kg
1580 Kg 8000 Kg
1770 Kg 10000 Kg
2360 Kg 15000 Kg
2860 Kg 20000 Kg
Balmoral mooring buoys

Mooring buoys

The Balmoral mooring buoy range is unique and was designed and developed in-house.

Two forms of standard mooring buoys are available, ie, cylindrical and rectangular in section.

Specials are available and are usually based on a standard modular construction incorporating platforms, ladders, solar panels, electronic monitoring and lighting equipment.

One-piece subsurface buoyancy

Balmoral provides a range of one-piece subsurface buoys, suitable for service to 3000msw, which have a proven track record on subsea projects undertaken by marine installation contractors.

These products are manufactured using a central tension member encapsulated within a syntactic foam core of varying densities to suit the required depth rating.

External finishes include rotationally moulded polyethylene, polyurethane elastomer and glass reinforced vinyl-ester, giving a durable, abrasion resistant surface finish. The external surface is pigmented with a high visibility colour – typically yellow, white or orange – to assist with deployment and retrieval although other colours are available on request.

Balmoral one piece subsurface buoys
Balmoral tri-buoys


Tri-buoys offer a simple cost effective solution where additional buoyancy may be required as part of an installation operation or small permanent mooring.

The tri-buoys are finished either in GRP or elastomer and are supplied with central steelwork bearing a pad eye and swivel at either end. If required a smooth central bore can be created to enable the use of a mooring rope.

Balmoral tri-buoys provide a buoyancy uplift of between 125-175kg with depth rating capabilities of 610-3050msw.

Oceanus® floats

Balmoral Offshore Engineering’s design team created the Oceanus float to provide a range of standard, readily available, buoyancy units suitable for all ocean depths.

Oceanus floats comprise a high performance low density composite foam buoyancy core, encapsulated within a tough impact and abrasion resistant polyethylene shell and are supplied in a variety of colours with moulded-in client graphics where required.

To simplify the handling of Oceanus floats during deployment and recovery, each Oceanus features a pair of recessed lifting holes sized to accommodate ‘gloved hands’. The floats also incorporate a series of flat surfaces to assist on-board stability and facilitate close grouping as part of operation or storage.

The standard range of Oceanus floats covers four uplift capacities and six standard operating depths.

Oceanus float values

Weight in air (kg) - Nominal buoyancy (kg)

Operating depth (msw) OF1 OF2 OF3 OF4
1000 7.9 - 7.7 11.9 - 12.2 21.2 - 23.2 43.8 - 50.4
1500 8.1 - 7.5 12.3 - 11.8 22 - 22.4 45.6 - 48.6
2000 8.9 - 6.7 13.4 - 10.6 24.2 - 20.2 50.4 - 43.8
2500 9.2 - 6.4 14 - 10 25.4 - 19 53.1 - 41.1
3000 9.8 - 5.8 14.9 - 9.2 27 - 17.4 56.6 - 37.6
6000 10.6 - 5 16.2 - 7.9 29.6 - 14.8 62.3 - 31.9
Bore ØID 19.05mm 38.1mm 38.1mm 38.1mm
Balmoral oceanus floats
Balmoral umbilical floats

Umbilical floats

BOE provides a range of floats to suit most control umbilicals. These floats comprise a pair of symmetrical half shells which are profiled to permit the line to flex within its specified bend radius.

Each float is manufactured using a low density composite foam core covered in a high performance impact and abrasion resistant polyethylene shell.

BOE’s umbilical floats are hinged using two stainless steel latches. The floats are designed to grip the umbilical by means of a natural rubber internal grommet.

Balmoral umbilical floats are designed to suit umbilical diameters ranging from 25mm-50mm OD. Umbilical floats can be supplied to suit larger diameter umbilicals if required.

Umbilical float values

Operating depth (msw) Weight in air (Kg) Nominal buoyancy (Kg)
1000 14.7 15.2
1500 15.9 14
2000 17.3 12.6
2500 18.1 11.8
3000 19.1 10.8

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