Ultra-low density high performance syntactic foams

Balmoral ultra low density syntactic foam

Meeting the need for improved performance on subsea equipment at extreme depths Balmoral has introduced a range of ultra-low density syntactic foam grades.

These are typically used on ROV/AUV/HOVs but are suitable for other deepwater applications including submarine trim adjustment, oceanographic vehicles, suspended instrumentation, large buoyancy modules and sonar domes.

For ROV/AUV purposes the materials are supplied either as slab-stock or customised buoyancy blocks.

The foams are designed to operate at depths of 2000-7000msw and boast ultra-low density, low manufacturing tolerance, excellent water ingress resistance, negligible long-term buoyancy loss and impressive mechanical properties including high bulk modulus and hydrostatic collapse pressure safety factors.

Low density syntactic foam properties

Pure foam ultra-low density range (LDF)

Operating depth (ft/msw) Typical core density kg/m3
6500 / 2000 385
9850 / 3000 401
13100 / 4000 435
16500 / 5000 479
19685 / 6000 519
23000 / 7000 565
Balmoral ultra low density high performance syntactic foam

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